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Relationship Counselling

There are times in any relationship when couples get into difficulties around time spent together, lack of intimacy or desire, or troublesome family dynamics.  Relationship Counselling can help you get work through these issues to improve your relationship and overall wellbeing.  Whether your relationship is monogamous, non-monogamous or polyamorous, I welcome all clients and their relationships, just as they are.  Relationships can be complicated by cultural and religious expectations and the space I offer is one in which these differences can be explored with compassion and understanding.  My role is to help you find a mutually accepted place in which you both find peace in your relationship through improving communication with each other and working towards change.  

For those relationships where you feel you are no longer compatible, and you are concerned about the impact on your family, I can help you to process the loss and to find ways to help you to support your children through the process of separation.

Areas covered:

  • Infidelity
  • Changes in relationship due to illness or injury
  • Loss of relationship – including separation and divorce
  • Interracial couples and family difficulties
  • Lack of intimacy – age related or through changes in mood such as depression

Psychosexual Therapy (Sex Therapy)

Psychosexual Therapy may lead on from relationship therapy but can be stand alone and is only suited to couples who believe that the sexual difficulties are a shared issue.  I work with individuals and couples on all aspects of sexual difficulties.  Sex Therapy works more effectively if you and your partner can be present for sessions, but I can work with individuals who are not in a relationship currently but would like to be.

All sexualities are welcome at my practice as sexuality and sexual expression is as unique as your personality.

Psychosexual therapy can be intensive and requires a detailed history taking at the start, – often spanning 2 or 3 sessions, which enables me to get a full picture of you and to work out a suitable treatment programme for you.  

As some sexual difficulties are affected by past negative experiences, I work in a trauma informed way to avoid re-traumatising you, and to get you to a place where you feel safe and comfortable in your own body.  Sex therapy is a behavioural therapy; therefore, I progress our work through the homework tasks that I set, and I use the detailed feedback that you provide at each session in order to progress our work towards the goals that we have discussed at the start of therapy.

Areas covered:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Delayed Ejaculation (DE)
  • Loss of desire
  • Menopause
  • Pelvic or genital pain (Vaginismus, Dyspareunia)
  • Anxiety around sex
  • Sex after injury or chronic pain conditions
  • Those new to sex
  • Kink

Areas not covered:

(These are different specialisms)

  • Sex Addiction  
  • Sex offending Counselling

General Counselling

Whether you are struggling with a recent event, bereavement, depression or low self-esteem I  offer long or short term focussed individual counselling for adults.  I also offer spaces for Counsellors in Training at a reduced training rate.  Our initial session outlines the issues and looks at what you wish to achieve in the work.  

All Individual Counselling, Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy is assessed for suitability at the start of our work and if I am not the right person to work with your issues, I will signpost you to a more suitable service.

Areas covered

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Life changes
  • Workplace stress
  • Family difficulties
  • Counselling for Counsellors in Training

Supervision – Counsellors and other Allied Professionals

I offer one to one Supervision or Group Supervision (by arrangement) for Counsellors, Counsellors in training placements, and Allied Professionals such as Teachers, Nurses, Youth Workers or anyone who works with the public therapeutically and doesn’t get in-house support.  Supervision focuses on supporting your clinical work and to protect those that you work with by ensuring safe practice, and your well-being is part of this.  If you are affiliated to BACP you will require 1.5 hours per month.  Allied Professionals may require less frequent sessions.

I am able to supervise NHS Counselling work, EAP referrals (Employee Assisted Programmes) or any Counselling service that you may work or volunteer for, if no in-house Supervision is available.



£60 Per Hour


£60 Per Hour


£50 Per Hour


£40 Per Hour

Fees are held for 12 months and reviewed regularly. 
Payments by BACS transfer preferred.